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Vietnam can kill me, but it can't make me care

--Toronto Globe and Mail


    In 1982, Stanley Kubrick acquired the rights to The Short-Timers, an out-of-print novel about the Vietnam War written by former Marine combat correspondent Gustav Hasford.  Their ensuing relationship would consist of three years worth of marathon, international phone arguments (sometimes as long as seven hours), one protracted legal squabble involving issues of credit (Hasford scoffed at Kubrick’s offer of an “additional dialogue” screenwriting credit, raging, “Those fuckers retyped my novel and tried to put their names on it!”), one dinner engagement (during which Kubrick passed a note to Michael Herr saying “I can’t deal with this man”), and one visit to the film’s set (which of course ended with Hasford being banned for the duration of filming).   Despite all this infighting, the finished product speaks for itself.  Full Metal Jacket remains the cinema's most haunting representation of the Vietnam war and one of the greatest overall war films ever made.
    Welcome to the premiere Full Metal Jacket website.  This site is merely one section of, which is devoted to the life and writings of the Full Metal Jacket screenwriter.  Here you'll find extensive cast and crew notes, the original FMJ screenplay, reviews, interviews, special "behind the scenes" insights, images, memorabilia and more.  Future updates include audio files, more images, info on deleted scenes, tributes, and a full length, online commentary track featuring contributions from fans, scholars and Vietnam veterans.  Be sure to check out the rest of, which features the full, downloadable text of Hasford's Vietnam War novels, plus a lot more.

Nothing less than a masterpiece.
--George Kirgo, CBS

 Four stars.  A great piece of filmmaking.  I've seen it twice.
--Gene Siskel

The most hauntingly exquisite portrait of the Vietnam war yet.
--The Boston Herald

    It's less about war than about soldering -- how young men are transformed into killers in order to survive the chaos of battle...Unlike Platoon, to which this movie will be inevitably (and wrongly) compared, there is no adrenlin-rush release.  Nor is one intended.  Kubrick's film is as distant and cold and relentless as the grave.

  --Eleanor Ringel, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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